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Eternally light gang!

Not every day pepper dem gang


Whataguan inna de building?!!!


Pardon me, I am just too gassed to be sharing on this first episode of Sword and Arrow!

As you have read in the introduction to this column, we will be ‘rightly dividing the word of truth’ in this column.

This week I will be sharing on the topic #LightGang


A while back my pastor (PI) in the Lifepointe church had spoken on a topic that I was particularly interested in:

‘Does God want you to be Famous?’


Before then, my LifePointe fam discussed this topic and the scripture Matthew 5:14 came up



That scripture is the simple answer to that question; knowing PI, his answer was awesomer! Lol!

Well that discourse had me asking more questions, one of which was:

‘How do we become this Light of the World???


And this question forms the basis for my write up today!


Ha-Ha! I know I can hear you saying ‘Yes please I was thinking so too’.

Well, be patient!

That’s what I’ll be discussing on this premier episode of ‘Sword and Arrow’.

So here we go! But before I continue, say this simple prayer with me:

‘Lord, as I read this, open the eyes of my understanding and let your Spirit brood over the words I read in Jesus Name, Amen’


Great! with all that very necessary stuff out of the way let’s get to the koko of the matter.

Let’s Start from the very beginning…

(Sound of Music reference right here……Focus!!!)


So, do you remember that scripture that they made us recite repeatedly in Sunday school?

John 1:1?

Bible students oya recite with me…



Ha-ha some major throwback for me there!

I told you we were starting from the beginning, didn’t I??? 


Sorry, back to my sermon…

So yes, that scripture blew my mind!

When I decided to go on to verse 2 using the NIV Bible translation, it just confirmed everything I already knew:

Image result for john 1:2


John 1v2 – ‘He was with God in the beginning

So that verse establishes that the Word is not justa single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed.’ – as defined on google.com.

The He used in verse 2 of John 1 to qualify the ‘Word’ in verse 1 establishes that the Word refers to a noun.

Since a noun is a person, animal, place, or thing, then that means that ‘Word’ in this context is a person…

Most likely male.


Wondering how I know this?

Come, He’ is a boy duh!!! – Remember Queen Primer?


I know, you’re wondering what all this has to do with ‘light’ right?

Stay with me – there’s a method to my madness.


The 4th verse of that same John 1 goes on to tell us more about this ‘Word’ guy that they had so kindly brought to our attention.

Image result for john 1:4



You see how it connects!


So this Word, who has been there from the beginning, and happens to be a person, is also the custodian of life.

He doesn’t only have life in him, but also has the capacity to give life.

And that life just so happens to be the Light of Men!

WOW!!! Isn’t that just amazing?


Well another question arises…

Seeing as He has the capacity to give Light:

How do I then receive this Light?


Long story short, Christ’s coming was so that man may receive this light and ultimately be liberated through salvation.


Ever been in a dark room before?

Like a very dark room with no light coming in; but the moment you open a curtain and let in the smallest ray of moonlight or sunshine, the room receives some form of illumination.

This also explains that verse in Psalm 119: 130

Related image


Remember we already established that Christ is the Word, and the above scripture tells us His presence gives light so also does 2 Cor 4v6 which says ‘For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ’s coming was to not just show us the Light, but how to walk in it.


He came to illuminate the earth and mankind with it.

He came to bring us into his light (understanding of his word) – 1 Peter 2:9.

Ultimately, those who walk in the Light of the Word of God by studying and living his ‘Word’ – which is Jesus Christ – are the ones who receive this Light and become #LightGang (1Pet2v21)

This is how we have become the Light of the World.

Pretty Straightforward innit!



I would like to know what you think if you have anything to add or something you don’t agree with or you need clarification on or any questions you have for me, I would love to hear from you in the comments section, Free drink for the first person to comment!!!!!

Shalom fellow #LightGangers keep #LightGanging


Columnist Bio
IBK is a Believer in Jesus Christ and proud to be! A Critique of everything possible 
and fathomable, a Scholar, Speaker, Counselor, Author, Musician and Role model to 
many. He is what goes on in his head, which is the most intriguing place for any 
human being to be in (ha-ha See what I did there). An HR Professional by day and a 
Super Hero by night, dedicating his life to fighting crimes and the forces of evil or 
so he likes to think. 

8 thoughts on “[SWORD & ARROW] #LIGHTGANG

  1. In regard to whether God wants you to be Famous, I think the kind of fame matters too.
    One can be famous for the wrong thing, e.g Evans or famous for low moral standards.
    In our world today fame is…. I don’t know. Could you possibly define the kind of fame you mean?

    1. I Totally agree that fame is subjective and can be good or bad, however I believe when God is the point of reference it has to be the good kind of fame, because all that is God is good, the God kind of fame is the Good kind of Fame. Note we are famous as lights first for Jesus and other things follow – ‘Seek ye first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness all other things shall be added unto you” Matt 6v33

  2. I particularly love this column because of the Caption! The Sword in the Bible is the Word of God with reference to Ephesians 6:17B and Psalm 127 :4&6 says Children are like arrows in the hand of a mighty man and happy is the man whose quiver is full of them! I don’t know the inspiration behind this caption but I want to believe that with the sword and the arrow, targets shall be aimed and achieved….from the beginning…..

  3. Interesting read. I never actually interpreted the Bible verse that way before. You gave me a new perspective on that. Welldone Pastor IBK 😁👏

  4. I enjoy this, keep it up, may ur lig ht so shine continuously in the darkness of this world. B I pray the anointing that was poured on David flow on to ur head in the name of Jesus Christ. Keep it up. Lol

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