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Hey Guys!

Welcome to my very first post!

To say I am excited is indeed an understatement.


So I climbed many mountains and forded many seas –  just to pick my first post!

PS: It is really not an easy something, lol!

Well, I thought of no better topic to kick off with than to throw you back to the times long before the iPod or the Walkman.

Songs that have transcended the times and will outlive us (hopefully we don’t lose our sound)

The ones you can even introduce to your kids… yes those ones.


These songs shaped my heart for music and I’m forever hung up on them.

This week, my focus is on the sound that never grows old.


The sound of legendary composers such as Beethoven, Bach, and so on…

and My top 5 in this category are……….*drumroll please*……



Coming in at Number 5 is the ever timeless tune:

5. What a Wonderful World

Singer: Louis Armstrong

Released: 1967

Songwriter: Bob Thiele (as George Douglas) and George David Weiss



And at Number 4, we have an epic duet on the struggles of the #FriendZone  

4. Can’t We Be Friends

Singer: Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

Released: 1959

Songwriter: Paul James (1929)



At Number 3, we throw it way back to the 16th century with a classical hit composition

3. Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach

Year: 1704


Number 2 is a classic rock hit

2. A Little Less Conversation

Singer: Elvis Presley 

Released: 1968

Songwriter: Mac Davis and Billy Strange


And finally at Number 1, I present to you, my arguably favorite of old time!

1. Samba Pa Ti

Artist: Carlos Santana

Released: 1970



Well there it is, my top 5 evergreen songs!

I would certainly love to know yours.

So kindly keep the conversation going in the comments section, share your thoughts and also your own top evergreen songs.

Columnist Bio
Folabi Nuel is a music minister with a difference and a genuine mandate to bring God’s people 
to the consciousness of who He is and to draw them closer in relationship with him. The young 
worshiper recognized music’s impact at a very tender age, treasuring the gift and recognizing 
it as a call to ministry. He is the Minister in charge of Music at Lifepointe church the young 
adult expression of The Elevation Church where he currently serves.

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