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“This does not define me,

Neither should you allow it define you!”

– Caleb Ekpenyong


The one question we ask ourselves when we fail is this; “How do we start all over again?”

Sometimes it seems impossible and we are left clueless as to what to do when faced with the very thing we thought we had conquered.

In the words of a very beautiful and intelligent lady:


“When you are on the road to writing your own story, there are a lot of ditches, distractions.

Decisions and delays along the way; just as there is a sprinkle of joy, a beacon of hope and spark of a smile that decorates your steps to self-fulfilment.

I have learned it is best to embrace these moments, cry through the pain, release the guilt, and embrace the journey.

It is ultimately the only on you will make on this earth and it is dented with your footsteps, scented with your soul and buried within your body so release it.”

–  Tolu Falode


Come to think of it, everything seems pretty crazy and nothing seems to make any iota of sense; so much so that it leaves you all winded and buried in the abyss of depression and whatever else comes calling at these times.

With your head hanging low and the many loud or silent screaming voices that rage in your head, you begin to see and rate yourself as a persona non grata.

Your soul is even condemned at this point.

But the truth which would probably sound like a lie to you right now is this; you have the strength to pull through.

Yes! Believe me you do.

All you need do is to draw strength from the innermost part of your soul to sustain and carry you to your breakthrough point – which, by the way, is just round about the corner.

I know the question you have up your sleeve this time is; “What strength, and from what soul?”

You see, we usually do not know how strong we are, and sometimes we feel that we have come to the very end of the road. 

We relax and prepare ourselves for a meltdown because it seems much easier to let go than to hang on, but what we fail to realise is that we are stronger than we think or ever imagine ourselves to be.

Deep down the pit of our soul is a river waiting to be stirred… all we need do is drag ourselves to get the river to flow, to water and nourish us.

Embedded in your river is faith, love and hope.

These are the key things you need to build a wobbling spirit, body and soul back to life. They all form the cornerstones on which you can stand again and build back what was lost, or what you saw but never got no matter how much sacrifice you put in to make it yours.


Faith… Love… Hope…


Listen; you will hear them call out to you.

They are warriors.

They speak a new language different from what you are used to.

They are the only ones that can defeat those voices in your head if you let them.


Got questions or a comment, well leave it in the comments section below and let’s keep the conversation going. 

Columnist Bio
KLEB_1905 is an old-young human specie; always particular about sharing the wild imaginative 
characters in his head. 
He has seen God! 
He is a transactional lawyer, part time speaker, writer and a thespian. He’s an arts-lover, nature-lover, 
and a ‘love’ addict. He thinks he likes making friends but people say he is a glorified introvert – he 
knows this is not true, in doubt?? Ask IBK! 

5 thoughts on “[THE JOURNEY] THE JOURNEY

    1. Wishes without effort won’t bring results… that’s what I think though. You can’t wish for faith, you have to have make the effort to have faith likewise the others… very insightful question. Looking forward to more replies. I also want to know🤔

  1. “I am stronger than my challenges, troubles and tribulations that’s why I had to be the one to fight these battles. God knows my strength and knows I can win this battle”…. My school of thought 😁

  2. Reading the article again I discover the answer is actually hidden somewhere there…, Faith, hope and love are actually imprisoned in the depth of the depressed soul. The depressed soul allowed those words in his head to lock them up and that is when they got the opportunity to sap his strength. To unlock that prison door therefore the depressed soul needs a divine assistance……. Jesus is waiting to be called upon to open the prison door! However the initial effort the depressed soul needs to make is to cry to Jesus …. Help me I cannot help myself! The prison door is open then Faith, hope and love jumps out and the Journey begins …. thanks for giving me this story line from your write up am going to use it!

  3. Yes, you all have spoken well.
    One other very important thing that motivates the manifestation of faith, love, and hope is *Association.
    When you start asking yourself questions and you start seeking answer(s), you may find that certain people begin to come to mind or they drift to you by God’s plan. They come to help open your eyes to faith – to make you see possibilities in an impossible space, to encompass you with so much love that you begin to not only fall in love with them but also with yourself and the one that is love Himself (God) and then introduces you to a place called ‘hope’ – where you learn to not despair.

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