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“Hello! My name is IBK and I am available to take your questions!”

Starting my own website has been a major challenge for me in the last seven years.

How do I mean you may ask… well…

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a chilled guy called IBK who was a regular blogger – but this was when the word ‘blogging’ or ‘blogger’ was not yet a verb and a symbol of ‘social status’ on several free platforms like WordPress and BlogSpot.

Yeah back to my story… So between that time and now, IBK had spent a calamitous amount of time soul searching, goal finding, brain-racking, mountain-climbing, and sea-faring all during a dark dark period of several highs and lows.

IBK severally questioned his capacity as a writer and his ability to contribute to the world of literary prowess – a world already saturated with all sorts of literature ranging from world-class Shakespearean, bestselling masterpieces, to totally rubbish bang-dada-dang!

IBK had sampled various blogs, evaluated several write-ups, critiqued and contributed on these platforms – all in a bid to find himself and his voice. However, he always seemed to hit a brick wall whenever he’d go back to his notepad to try and just scribble the least bit down.

All that has changed NOW!

For some reason I had sunk deep into Hades’ pit of no return…. 7 years???

Egba mi oh!!!

On the way to discovery, I encountered several maybes:

Maybe I am not a writer.

Maybe I am lost in a world so dark I wouldn’t see the answer even if it was right in front of me.

Maybe I am just a wannabe who thought he had some message that the world needed to hear.

Maybe… Maybe… Maybe…

Whatever it was, I can now say it wasn’t until I stopped questioning the unknown and decided to take action that I started to ACTUALLY discover myself.

And so, Here I am!

What exactly was responsible for my literary resurrection from Hades’ pit?

Well, I realized after a long time that it was all in my head.

I decided to take my own advice and ‘Start Somewhere’.

By speaking at several events, writing speeches, and even ranting on various social media platforms, I had motivated people with the words ‘Start With What You Have and Where You Are’.

I had completely ignored applying that to my own situation.

I finally figured that I write every day; be it a report at work or a simple text on WhatsApp, it is still writing!!!

Whether it contributes or not, at least I put words down somehow. I started channeling these mundane write-ups and sought to find the writer within.

And guess what?

I found him! Or her… I don’t know its gender!

Ha-ha *Sike*! Him of course.

Thanks to my dear friend and brother who also encouraged me to follow my dreams and put my content out there.

Now I feel this urge to drive sheer motivation in a world where things aren’t working.

I strive to encourage people who are confused and seeking answers to questions.

Simple questions…

Complicated questions…

Whatever these questions may be,

All you need to do is ASK IBK!

Surely by God’s Grace, and with the help of the askIBK.com team, we would definitely attempt to proffer answers or guidance to your questions.

Do you have any difficult questions on your mind, something you want to talk about, or you just need somebody to talk to??

Let’s have a very private and safe chat.

Send an email to askibk@askibk.com

All emails are confidential and will only be published with your permission.

Also you can leave us a question via the ‘ASK’ button on the homepage and we will surely respond.

In the meantime, you can engage with our awesomely amazingly bloggy blog!

Who knows, you might just find clarity in the words on the pages.

Hello! My name is IBK and I am Available to take your Questions


Columnist Bio
 IBK is a Believer in Jesus Christ and proud to be! A Critique of everything possible 
and fathomable, a Scholar, Speaker, Counselor, Author, Musician and Role model to 
many. He is what goes on in his head, which is the most intriguing place for any 
human being to be in (ha-ha See what I did there). An HR Professional by day and a 
Super Hero by night, dedicating his life to fighting crimes and the forces of evil 
or so he likes to think.

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