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“Mummy I saw Olanna today at the market with her husband.” said Aramide to her mother Asabi. “She looked so beautiful!”  

“Olanna has always been a beautiful woman,” said Asabi “I always wondered how such a young girl could carry herself with so much poise and elegance.”

“Oh well she looked extra beeeeaauutiful!” Aramide stressed the word beautiful.

Asabi stopped filing her nails and asked “Aramide, what exactly are you trying to say?”

“I am trying to say that SHE IS PREGNANT!” Aramide said with a mischievous smile on her face.

“Oh that’s nice, I haven’t seen her in a long while. I pray she has an easy pregnancy term and a safe delivery” Asabi prayed.

Aramide stood behind her mum and started combing out Asabi’s hair “She seems to have everything going good for her,” Aramide said with a hint of sadness in her voice. “A rich and loving husband, husband’s family adore her, now she’s carrying her second pregnancy. Some people have it so easy.” 

“Is this about your date two days ago?” Asabi asked.

“Mummy I ruined my chance! Why did his sister have to be someone I had met before in a very compromising situation? She will tell Bankole and he will lose interest in me… What am I saying? She probably already told him; he has been sounding off since that day. I might as well start trying to move on because I have made a bad first impression on his sister.” said Aramide as she started plaiting cornrows on her mother’s head.

Asabi started filing her nails again, “You know it is not cast in stone that first impressions should matter. First impressions matter but you can determine how that first impression will affect the future.

Do you know about how Olanna met her father in-law?”  Asabi asked.

“No mummy I don’t… why do I feel like there is a story coming?” Aramide quizzed.

Without saying a word, Asabi blew the dust off her nails, dropped the file and picked a black colored nail polish.

“Errm mummy, you know I am waiting for the story. Please stop being so dramatic.” Aramide rolled her eyes.

“O gbadun” (Yoruba term for you are not serious) Asabi said with a laugh and continued to apply the nail polish. “Olanna had been dating Dayo for about three years before she met his father. She had met his mum and she was loved by Dayo’s family. Of course, there were reservations about her being igbo, but everyone learned to accept her.

Dayo’s father ‘The Captain’ did not stay in Nigeria, which was why she had not met him. She had already been told by the family members that he was a strict man and that most of the family members could not even dare to look him in the eyes when he was talking to them. He was also a very tribalistic man; everyone feared that he would not consent to Dayo’s relationship with Olanna so Dayo’s mum didn’t tell him about the relationship their only son had with the igbo girl, Olanna.”

“Wow! I never imagined Dayo’s dad to be like that.” said Aramide “Come to think of it, I don’t even see him around. He’s always in a tinted glass jeep and that’s the only knowledge I have of his existence. I always thought it was weird that I did not know our next door neighbor.”

“Yes my dear,” agreed Asabi “He was a very hard man and still is… only those that need to associate with him have learned to work and live with him.” Asabi spoke with a distant stare in her eyes.

“Mummy are you okay? You look lost in your thoughts?”

“I am fine my dear,” Asabi said looking at her finished work on her left hand.

“Dayo’s father was finally coming to Nigeria. Dayo was already certain that he wanted to marry Olanna but the only thing standing in the way of that was his dad; no one had told his dad about Olanna. Dayo’s mum agreed that it would be a good idea to introduce Olanna the day Dayo’s dad would arrive. He would be in high spirits, a lot of people would be there to welcome him, and he definitely will not make a huge fuss about Olanna in front of so many visitors. Dayo agreed and they prepared for the captain’s homecoming. Olanna made a nice native Ankara, spent a lot on preparing for his arrival and thought her appearance could at least gain her some credit. The day came and visitors were waiting at the house for the arrival of Dayo’s dad. Olanna was ready. She had been there all day cooking and assisting. They agreed that Olanna would be the one to serve Dayo’s dad.

Olanna was in the kitchen when Dayo’s dad came. She was scared. Visitors and family members were greeting and she could hear his stern voice from time to time. She allowed her anxiousness to get the better of her and got lost in her thoughts. Olanna was swirling a table-salt container while standing by the tray of food she was to serve the captain. Dayo’s mum called her name loudly, cutting through her thoughts and shocking her. In the process, the salt container fell, pouring a lot of salt in the captain’s soup.”

“Ah!” Aramide exclaimed.

Asabi continued. “Olanna in shock had a minute shutdown. She was confused. Dayo’s mum came in to ask why she was not coming out, saying that the captain was waiting for his food. Dayo’s mum, thinking Olanna was just scared, put the tray in Olanna’s hands and pushed her out of the kitchen.

What should I do? Olanna thought. She definitely couldn’t serve the captain the food. She tried to turn back to explain discreetly to Dayo’s mum who inattentively kept nudging her forward. She noticed Olanna’s hesitation when they were behind the captain. Dayo’s mum tried to take the tray to serve the captain but Olanna tried to take it away from her arm’s reach. In the process, the tray tipped over and the plates and its contents landed on the captain’s head.

The captain was furious! He had food all over him. Everyone was quiet. He turned around looked at Olanna.

“Who is this untrained fool?” he demanded.

Asabi looked at her polished nails, assessing her handwork and said “You can see for yourself that Olanna is married to Dayo and she is living a happy life with her in-laws too.”

“So my dear,” she said turning to Aramide who was already completing the hairstyle. “First impressions go a long way, but you have the power to change what people think of you”.  

She hugged Aramide and said “Don’t worry yourself over the incident with Bankole’s sister. Just be you and who knows, you might tell your story with a happy ending in the nearest future!”



  1. What do you think of inter-tribal marriages?
  2. How much impact should a parent have on a child’s choice of marriage partner?
  3. First impression matters; How important is first impression to you?
  4. What can someone do to you to make his/her impression on you unforgiveable?
  5. In Nigeria today, do you think inter-tribal marriages are welcomed?
  6. Olanna dated Dayo for 3 years without meeting his dad. Is it a big deal?


I hope I have left a good first impression on you guys. If not, refer to the story above and don’t give up on this column just yet. Looking forward to the many comments in this section (One can hope). 


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  1. very interesting read. Ahh can one really forgive a plate of soup landing on his/her head, more so in public?!!!! Thought provoking, yet funny. Good job.

    1. Hahaha, well per this story One can forgive such act but you can try it too, let’s know how it goes for you (find someone like the captain and pour food all over him). It is surely not unforgivable but maybe it would be hard to forget. For someone like me I would most likely remember the incident each time I see Olanna.

      Thank you for your response Anita.

  2. God should be the decider. Parents have a lot to do, praying, counselling etc. But not interference. I believe u know a person better as u go on relating, using first impression, u definitely will judge wrong . Unforgivable, noooo. Because I need God’s forgive, I don’t hold grudges. But if anyone hurt either of my kids, I will forgive but never forget. Not meeting Dayo’s Dad is not a big deal, daddys are always the last to know. U know what I mean. With call for division by the youths of today, where will inter marriage stand. Bless you dear.

    1. 1.Yes I agree with you,some people say it is easier to forgive than to forget. I agree parents have a lot to do but sometimes I think some parents unconsciously overstep their boundaries and begin to interfere
      2.Yes you know a person better when you relate with the person but have you ever had a first impression of someone that you just immediately felt you would not like to be associated with the person?
      3.Very thoughtful question on the the call for decision by the youths and inter marriage, it is obvious that while some people want to be united some people are rooting for division. Expect more posts that would help us all understand the workings of the mind of a Nigerian youth and your political questions would be explicitly answered. So stay tuned and be a regular viewer on the website.

      Thank you for your response Stella.

  3. Research says it takes seven seconds to make a first impression and that impression could be used to judge you for life. However, I believe there is a thin line between first impression and prejudice. Sometimes we could allow our preconceived notions about someone blind the reality of the first impression of the complete . So, yes,it may take seven seconds to make a first impression but the way the receiving end translates it or decides to use it boils down to a level of mental maturity. And that is why sometimes you become best of friends with someone you never liked initially. Opportunity. First impressions are important but as we say you can never judge a book by its cover, getting to know someone makes a huge difference.

    1. 1. I really like your line of thought. Mental maturity is key to building a healthy relationship but we are all not on the same level of mental maturity sadly so we all have to deal with circumstances on different levels.
      2. Yes! I have personally made friends with people I never imagined I would because of my preconceived ideas but in the story the Captain had not seen or met Olanna so I doubt there was any room for preconceptions. On a lighter note it is safe to assume that the Captain had some level of mental maturity that’s why Olanna could still end up marrying Dayo, LOL!

      Thank you for your response Esther.

    1. Yaaaayyyyy!!! I feel accomplished. I am happy you can relate with this questions and that you find them thoughtful. Feel free to drop further questions that relate to stories that are posted here in the comment section. For other questions you desire reliable answers for, you can simply askibk by using the ask button on the homepage with your permission your question might be posted and you can get a wider range of answers. Looking forward to many more comments from you.

      Thank you for your response Esther.

  4. 1) I feel as if ‘intertribal’ shouldn’t exist
    2) they can only lay advices, and trust the child to make the right choice, and if the child does not, they would learn and carry on. A person’s life is not determined by one choice, there’s always a way out or through.
    3) ‘it’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you’ Batman… They matter but to a certain extent, cause first impressions are just that, first impressions
    4) maybe I forgive but I won’t forget, and it gets harder to dismiss previous behavior every time you fall short. I’m sorry man is not God.
    5) I am not sure, again ‘intertribal’ I feel as though the older generation has failed us, there are more important things than what tribe you are from. I wish the youth would be enlightened enough to understand, the petty squabbles of our fathers is of no concern to us, we can make a new beginning.
    6) Depends tbh, situation dint allow.

    1. 1. I feel same too to be honest, we should see each other as one big happy family created by God.
      2. I am not a parent yet but I do know that some parents find it difficult to let go and trust. Very deep words on one’s life not determined by one choice but its marriage! that’s one choice we have to deal with for life
      3. YOU QUOTED BATMAN!!! that’s all I need to see. I might as well agree to all the other answers (I must say I already have a very good first impression of you lol)
      4. Hahaha no need to be sorry man really isn’t God, Its is hard to forget indeed….
      5. This like I said earlier, I agree…. on the older generation thing (You should know I belong to the younger generation) please older generation in the house defend yourselves!!! @askibk come here and do your stuff me I am younger generation and I am on the side of enlightening others that “intertribal should not exist”.
      You legit answered all the questions, you are far too kind thank you for sharing your thoughts and taking out time to respond. I hope to have more discussions with you on this platform. You should also check this column: The Journey (https://askibk.com/?p=179). The way your mind works I think your thoughts would be welcomed there too and you might enjoy the posts on the column.

      Thank you for your response Chidi.

  5. So I think first impression matters but, as Asabi said “first impression goes a long way but you have the power to change what people think of you”. Inter tribal marriage is sadly still an issue in our society today but I don’t think it should be a deal breaker..Love knows no tribe. The parents can give their 2 cents on who their child chooses to marry but they should NOT dictate that.
    In all, this was a great read. I wish you added a follow up “scene” after Daddy got soup spilled on his head 😂

    1. Preach on!!! It is sad that inter tribal marriage is still an issue in our society but I think it is getting better. We have some radical hell bent youths that would chant “Love knows no tribe” (Just in case you didn’t know…. errm there’s a sub there you should catch). We are having more enlightened youths, these youths will become parents and then maybe just maybe in some years (More like many years to come ) the word “intertribal” would cease to exist.
      I am glad you think the story was good. You should know that all the short stories put up are potential beginnings of short series, so you just might get your wish. Check this link to get a clearer picture or better understanding of this column https://askibk.com/?p=252

      Thank you for your response Veev.

  6. ** Corrected **
    This was beautifully written and I particularly loved that I could picture the scene well in my head because of how descriptive it was. Nice!
    About first impressions, I agree they can be long lasting but it is just as important as “subsequent impressions “. Its like reading a prologue and then completely writing off the whole book, you gotta at least read it halfway to make a review!

    I don’t think anything is wrong is not meeting your partner’s parent 3 years into a relationship. Though it is really dodgy sha but depending on the relationship, it might not mean much (or it could mean a lot lol)

    I generally can’t stand rude people, so if you were completely rude the first time I met you, it will be very hard to change my mind about who you are.

    In all, good piece. Looking forward to more from this column!

    1. I am happy you were able to picture it well, means you were into the story…This makes me feel good. Thank you for the kind words.
      Prologues definitely don’t do justice to a whole book, some don’t even tell the actual story in the book or the important points in the book. Nice analogy, a good way to drive home the point.
      Well said on the question of the right time to meet father in law…. If Captain was in Nigeria all those three years just maybe it might have bothered Olanna (I can’t tell how her mind works) but then the circumstances also matter. Per the story above we know that the Captain was a tribalistic man. Do you think with that risk of the man saying No the three years wait was reasonable? I personally might just want to let him know, let him deal with it and whatever comes after if it…. if it is something we can handle has a couple we know how to deal with it. Rather than fear of the unknown.
      Rude people don’t make good impressions on me. In fact, I find it very difficult to forget that impression. I would have judged the person in my head.
      Glad you think this is nice enough to come back for more. Is it safe to say that we have a new subscriber? lol.
      Please feel free to reply other comments that interest you.

      Thank you for your response Zainab

  7. An interesting read. Puts a lot of things in today’s Nigeria into perspective.
    Inter- tribal marriages are a beauty….For the most part IMO.
    The half life of the average marriage keeps getting shorter and shorter….this time or half life is arguably the approximate time it takes to know everything about your partner, your partner’s people and stuff and then begin to get fed up and pissed.
    inter tribal marriages IMO can extend this half life, ‘cuz’ there are lots of things to discover not just about your spouse but also a close up personal view about a different culture (and trust me, hearsay about other cultures cannot subordinate personal experiences) Like an adventure….it can be exciting ……if you follow the tour guide.

    I think everyone has a first impression about everyone….it’s an unconscious thing.
    what is clearly conscious is our effort to promote that impression by towing the line or give benefits of the doubt.
    My dad followed me to my UNI the first time I went. We met a lecturer he was igbo like us and they exchanged pleasantries and talked for a while and then they talked about where in the east the other hailed from. As my dad and I left the man, he told me “stay away from him, he is from mbaise.” In my mind I was like – you just met him and liked him already until you knew were he came from-. This is 2017 and i can say for free that the most homely and warming family I know is an Mbaise family I met in 2013.
    What is common isn’t just first impression, it is aligning to the first impressions of others. Unfortunately, this is true of many folks out there…many Nigerians adopting stereotypes of other people.

    …I read a book back in my teens, it says never to make permanent decisions about the temporary…..

    1. Inter tribal marriages can extend the duration to court… very interesting line of thought. If the people are of different cultures there is more to learn and know. Olanna probably had to learn a few Yoruba dishes and I am sure after three years of dating Dayo, her Yoruba should have improved greatly. You have to put in more effort into learning it is like an adventure. Wow i never thought about it this way. Thank you for this perspective. It is sad that not just in romantic relationships but even basic friendships some people will let tribe come in the way of greater things that could have evolved from the relationship more so the story you shared in this case both men are igbos (I hope I am right) but yet there was still “beef” within the same tribe. Never make permanent decisions about the temporary “WORD”.
      I appreciate your being detailed and sharing your story.

      Thank you for your response Chuks.

  8. Amazing write up.
    For me, inter tribal marriages are welcome. It goes beyond tribe these days but possessing similar values. There are marriages where the couple are of the same tribe but yet are not happy.
    Also, the best parents can do when it comes to the choice of a marriage partner for their children is to advise them on what to look out for in a partner.
    First impression matters but then it is not a determinant of who a person is. It could be misleading. Some people actually pretend to be who they are not just for people to have a good first impression about them.

    1. Nice to know you are one of the people with a mindset that will change (improve) the future of intermarriage. Tribe is not a major determinant of whether the marriage will be happy of not. Also first impression is not a determinant of who a person is because some people know how shallow we can be they pretend and in the end first impression would have been a lie.

      Thank you for your response Obinna.

  9. For a moment I thought she would turn out to be a runs girl!!! Comparing the thought to what eventually happened I think food all over captain is better than runs girl.

    1. But then what if she is? we actually don’t know. hahaha I doubt she can overcome hot food on captain’s head and also being a runs girl. That’s a whole lot of first impression for “the captain” to handle.

      Thank you for your response T.

  10. Very entertaining and well thought out story. I didn’t know I had reached the end as I enjoyed the read . I nearly missed my bus stop (lol). Well in this century, intertribal marriages are beginning to occur frequently than ever. People aren’t as conservative as they used to be in the older days but yeah there lies the issue of CULTURE which is very important.

    The major thing is understanding the person and of course getting that assurance during dating the person truly loves you. Once two lovers understand each other, the best they can do is make their family, friends and relatives see they are ready to fight for the love and endure, persevere a lot of differences that comes with tribe matters.

    Parents love to guide their kids because it’s believed they r more experienced and can the bigger picture better most times.

    First impression matters a lot but like the story taught us, we can still correct a lot of things afterwards.

    Lying is one of the most despicable acts that ruins first impression. It’s difficult to earn that trust once it’s broken.

    Intertribal marriages are becoming common but yeah it’s not “welcomed” in that sense.

    Dating for 3 years and not seeing the father in-law isn’t much of a big deal.

    1. Unlike you I am sitting comfortably in my bed (no risk of missing any bus). Words of wisdom you have shared here. I agree I also think inter tribal marriages occur more frequently than before. The love has to be strong ooo, I mean it is said that “love conquers all” (abi no bi so?). we cannot deny that parents have more experience and so we should respect their opinions. Just like my dad the thing he hated the most….. LYING.

      Thank you for your response Olalekan.

  11. Amazing stuff.
    Well in Africa dating for 3 years without meeting the dad is not a big deal. Most people fear they should only meet the dad when they are ready to begin marriage rites.

    1. Lol, if one meets every potential father in law, only God knows how many father’s some people have met. I see you are a believer of don’t go in too deep, when you are not sure (or maybe not). We cannot be saying stories that touch when the relationship does not work out.

  12. So what happened after she poured the soup on the Captain’s head?????

    You cant just be skipping scenes like that now

    1. I don’t know what happened (I probably do). Yes i can skip scenes anyhow (I run the show here, I am the Captain). You should know that all the short stories put up are potential beginnings of short series, so you just might find out what happened soon. Check this link to get a clearer picture or better understanding of this column https://askibk.com/?p=252 and subscribe to the website to know when the story is release.

      Thank you for your response Aminu.

  13. I love the basis of the story, however I could do with more depth and expert use of literally expressions.

    About the matter:

    I believe where a person hails from should not influence our marriage decisions. Good and bad people come from everywhere; find you a good woman/man and be happily ever after.

    1. Criticisms finally I have some (just in case my head was already swelling too much).
      Key point is to find a good woman/man not the best tribe (lol). I mean “He who finds a good wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from Lord…. (Focus! This isn’t Sword and Arrow).

      Thank you for your response George.

  14. Quite interesting. I can’t imagine myself being Olanna at that moment. Lol
    I’m not against intertribal marriages, your tribe doesn’t decide who you are or who you’d become. If the bride’s parents accept the groom despite his tribe, then the groom’s parents should do too. Love shouldn’t have a barrier.
    I think one should always listen to his or her parents but always make them see things the way you do, things are different now from the way it was then.
    I always try to be at my best the first time I meet someone but I never fake it, I’m always myself.
    I don’t hold grudges, as long as you don’t kill anything/anyone I love.
    Intertribal marriages isn’t fully accepted but it’s better than the way it was back then.
    If there’s a genuine reason for not being able to see my girlfriend’s dad for 3years then there’s no problem.

    1. I also do not want to be Olanna, hot food on your father in law’s head lol. Awwn love shouldn’t have barrier… Romantic too?
      I agree parents are important and should be listened to I am going to twist your words and say we should know how to cajole and convince them to understand that they are old school and they need to chill ( you said it not me). So killing anything/anyone you love is what is unforgivable for you, I see… You sound like a very understanding person, thank you for the good review too. Arigatou gozaimasu

      Thank you for your response Tosin.

  15. Excellent and insightful write up.

    1. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with inter-tribal marriage. However, it is a very sensitive issue that calls for caution and deep understanding of what one is getting into.
    2. The importance of parents offering right counsel and guidance in the choice of a life partner cannot be overemphasized, but parents shouldn’t interfere or try to impose on their children’s choices as this can lead to resentment.
    3. Yes! First impression matters but we should learn to give people benefits of doubt. No one is perfect and to errors is human.
    4. Hmm, for now I don’t think there’s seemingly negative first impression of a person I can’t forgive for my own happiness. The only issue is, an individual dictates how I relate with him/her.
    5. On the average, iner-tribal marriage is still not happily welcomed in Nigeria. Most folks agree to such union out of persistence from the intending couple or no choice at all.
    6. Olanna dating Dayo for 3 years and not meeting his dad might be a big deal based on the painted scenario. However, once the intending couple are getting serious with their relationship, parents should be brought in the know.

    1. I like haw very realistic your comments are, they are points we should keep at the back of our minds.
      Very mature words. I appreciate the compliments. Save the date to check this space every Thursdays.

      Tank you for your response Tollu.

  16. This is a very interesting piece I must say.
    Love conquers all to me in the end. I do not think inter-tribal marriages should be an issue.

    1. I see you are of the same school of thought as most of us here. Love conquers all…. Are you a romantic? lol

      Thank you for your response Fiyin.

  17. Yeaaaa, that was so nice. I enjoyed every bit of it.
    For me, first impression would not be the determining factor on how I judge someone, other impression would.

    1. Very mature stand I must say… I am happy you had a good read. Watch this space for more!

      Thank you for your response Justina

    1. “Volatile are the matters of the heart”, I am definitely saving the statement for future use. I am glad you enjoyed it. Please do come back again and hopefully you wont be disappointed.

      Thank you for your response Toye.

  18. Good read, nice way the message is wrapped in the story.
    1. I think tribal marriages are now accepted in nigeria.
    2. Parents often wield opinions that are colored by their experiences, sometimes they are too conservative. But they can only advice and shouldn’t dictate when it comes to partners.
    3. First impressions are important, but can be altered.

    I think i mixed up my answers.

    But good read. I hope to see more.

    1. Lol stories shouldn’t always be predictable. I think I got the point you were trying to make ( of course I am smart *mischievous grin* .)

      Thank you for your response Ejiro.

  19. This is a good Story line and I believe this is why it has attracted a lot of comments! Congratulation! in my opinion and from experience, iintertribal marriages are not really easy to dabble into without addressing and preparing for the attending issues: Language barrier with reference to the extended family, cultural difference in cullinaries and the different soups the girl might have to learn how to cook, different social outlook as per marriage ceremony commitment…. this is just to mention a few. However as a Christian, as long as one is convinced that it is the will of God, with a lot of psychological prepararation, counseling, desire to make it work and prayers all will be well.
    In Africa especially, parents still have a say on a child’s choice of marriage partner to an extent. Though Parents should not force any choice on their child or be biased against the child’s choice but a Parents counsel should not be shoed off especially if it is with a genuine reason. Children should take time to examine such reasons and be objective.
    First impression generally matters, but it can surely be corrected especially the one like Olanla created!
    I am a very objective person I must forgive because God forgave me so much!
    It is not a big deal that the Daddy of the house did not know because everybody was aware of his bias against inter tribal marriage so the right time to tell him was being sought. I believe mummy too must have been doing image laundering for Olanla. With Christ and Divine wisdom lots can be achieved. Once again good story👍

    1. Very detailed and insightful. This will help a lot of readers to compare notes.

      Thank you for your response Adebayo F.

  20. 1. Inter-tribal marriage is good for national unity to say the least but our old folks still don’t encourage it. Old guard thinking of course.
    2. 20% impact, take it or leave it. We might think it’s old fashioned for our parents to get involved in our choice but their experience and wisdom is still invaluable when it comes to choosing a life partner. It can’t be overlooked.

    3. First impression matters but not a deciding factor when it comes to relationships. We’re talking about a life-long partnership here so a good or bad first impression can’t really determine whether we will work or not. What really matters is how strong willed are you to correct that bad first impression or actually build on the good one. In a nutshell, first impression does not determine if 2 persons will end up together or not.

    4. Nothing. I like to keep an open mind and believe no one is perfect. It all boils down to interest in the first place.

    5. Inter-tribal marriage is gaining grounds in Nigeria and very soon the negative mentality about the whole issue will be laid to rest… Hopefully ☺

    6. It’s really not a big deal. Dating ain’t courtship. In fact, it is illegal to date in some culture not to even talk of 3 years worth.

    All in all, a good write up. You can only get better. 👍

    1. Well said,I don’t think I should add anything extra. I am with you on keeping hope alive .

      Thank you for your response Chizzle

  21. The story has me wondering how the captains mind changed. Its a beautiful prologue. Inter tribal marriages usually defy the norm and bridge cultural differences. I believe first impressions matter only when the you don’t get to know the person better in the future.
    I hope the road to the Captains latter impressions are as good a read.

    1. Stay tuned and be a regular reader, maybe (most likely) you might get answers to your “wonderings”.

      Thank you for your response Egji.

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