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“The journey of life is a long road

with bumps,


and crazy drivers who are headed in different directions.”

– Ellen Ukpi


Sometimes, on this journey, the road is smooth and the other drivers are nice;  they stay in their lanes and everything seems to work well… even the weather cooperates and makes the journey  easy and enjoyable.

Then all things that can go wrong seem to go wrong at the same time!

The car has a flat tire,

The other drivers keep bumping into your parked car,

It starts to rain and your windows won’t wind up so you have the rain coming into your car and you cannot seem to locate your spare tire and can’t figure out where your tools are and night fall approaches really quick and this is not the kind of night you get stuck on the highway in the middle of nowhere…

‘Does this sound like your life right now?’

Well relax. I can relate!

Lately I have felt stuck.

Stuck with work, my life, all around I just felt caught in a box!

Like nothing was happening and all things where happening all at the same time!

I’m sure you get my drift!

This is the journey, all of it; the ups and downs, the detours, the flat tires and the annoying drivers, all of it make life. But what makes it beautiful and worth it is the destination and the ever present compass we have directing us back to the right path, taking us from our many failed attempts to use shortcuts and lose our way and putting us back on the right track, increasing our speed and removing the bumps on the way to help us catch up with lost time.

So next time I get stuck what should I do?

Relax! I got a quick fix. It works for me at least!

  1. Sit back and remember the destination. That life you want to live, that person you want to be – put it before you and fall in love with it all over again. The beauty of the destination has a way of fueling our perseverance as we work towards it.
  2. Go back to the compass; the ultimate guide, God. The one who made us, knows us and has great plans for us. Trusting him makes this journey smoother and more bearable. Remember Jer 29v11 – ‘I know the thoughts I have towards you, thoughts of good and not of evil to give you an expected end.’
  3. Remember you are not alone! As we journey through life we get stuck at different points and sometimes we just need to put out our hazard lights and flag down for someone to help.

So if you are in fact feeling stuck right now, then you are in the right place because here is a place where we ask questions and get answers.

There is someone here to talk to you – all you have to do is send that message and you have a friend who understands on the other side waiting to help you get moving again.



Columnist Bio
Hi my name is Ellen Ukpi and I am living my best life now! Or so I think…oh well 
I can’t tell but what I can tell is that I am giving it my best and learning from 
my mistakes as I go on. I am a communications enthusiast and social media geek,I am 
passionate about curating culture and started a platform called @africanculturediary 
that is set to ensure that the past and present of our cultures are made relevant to the 
future. I am another ‘youngin’ who has discovered adulting is a scam and I am just trying to get out alive. 
Join me as we work our way out of this scam called adulthood.


  1. Good talk, beyond the tunnel is always a bright light. Focus on the ray and it will shine brighter as you approach the end…….Ellen👍

  2. Ellen, thank you so very much for this.
    We ought always to take a step back and see the picture we saw when we started off on the journey; to allow God always be our compass and to Trust wholly on HIm.
    We can’t journey on our own -Kole werk!

  3. I think we all get to this point in our lives . Sometimes more often than we want . But the solutions are spot on . Besides what’s the other option? Nobody every got life on a lock by remaining stuck .
    Great stuff Ellen .

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