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After my roommate Nomdora talked about the fascinating facts and theories about the Mona Lisa painting three days ago, it struck me that the only things I knew about the painting was that it is popular, worth millions, and yes I recognize it when I see it. I really didn’t know the extra details, myths and ideologies that made it so important and revered even after over 500 years. So today, three days after as I wait for my sister at the coffee shop beside the mall for our customary midweek date, I am reading about Mona Lisa on Wikipedia. I already ordered a book titled I, Mona Lisa by Jeanne Kalogridis because I recently started keeping books for my library; having a book like this would make me seem cool. I also know I might not get to read the book when I get it, which is why this Wikipedia read is quite important.

I suddenly realize how bright it is outside when I look up from my phone and then I check my watch. Ugh, Tee is always late. Why don’t I learn every time? Hmm, I think I need a new wristwatch; I am getting tired of this one and my collection is due for an addition. Tee would probably roll her eyes at me if I tell her this because she doesn’t understand my love for wristwatches. Wait… who’s that? He’s handsome… I can’t help myself from staring at the beautiful piece of art that just walked into the coffee shop. God indeed is an artist; this is perfection right before me, neatly cut hair, broad muscular shoulders, perfectly sculpted body in a white t-shirt and baggy shorts. Oh my! Those legs of his already making my imagination run wild and he has a nice watch too. This is Mona Lisa right here. Oh wait! Shoot he smiled at me he must have caught me staring. How long was I doing that for? Shit! Shit! Shit! He’s walking towards me! What do I do?

“Hi, do you mind if I share your table with you while I wait for my order?” 

Oh my! His perfume drives me crazy.

No I don’t mind”, I said. I look back down at my phone. Can he tell that I am so distracted?

Perfect! Te-Siento by Wisin and Yandel decide to play on my phone playlist. I love the song but it drives me crazy. This shouldn’t be playing now; it makes this whole moment so dreamy. I am sure I will lose the last of my composure.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry to disturb but I like your hair”, the stranger in front of me said.

Stranger? Scratch that, I’ll call him Mona Lisa… in my head of course.

“Oh thank you, I like your wristwatch.” 

Really? That’s all you could say? That’s just lame.

Thank you. Sorry to intrude but what is so important that you were so engrossed in on your phone?”, he asked “I couldn’t help but notice. I liked your hair and I wanted to see your face but you kept it down till I got to the front of the line and then you started staring at me… Although I am not sure if you were staring at me or you were so lost in your thoughts you did not notice me till I got here.”

“Oh!” I laughed. I suddenly feel relaxed and free. That’s weird, why do I suddenly feel so comfortable with him? Why do I feel like I know him? Who are you Mona Lisa?

“I was reading about Mona Lisa,” I said.

“Oh nice that’s interesting, you know Mona came from Madonna,” he said with a grin.

I AM TRIPPING!!! “I didn’t know that,” I replied.

He turned back to check on his order, “Err I guess my order is ready. It was nice talking to you… Madonna with the lovely hair he said and winked.

Already? He’s leaving? Noooooo!!! Did he just call me Madonna? Focus and compose yourself. “Oh okay same here… and I mean it was nice talking to you too”.

Looking back at my phone I am suddenly uninterested in what I was reading. The song by Enrique Iglesias-Lloro Por playing through one ear of my earphones is so sad it suits the way I feel right now.

How can a stranger affect me so much in just a few minutes? I feel so sad, I feel tears welling up in my eyes. What is wrong with me? I look up for the last time at my Mona Lisa as he walks out of the glass doors. I notice how gloomy the weather has suddenly become. Mona Lisa is walking away, it appears he’s making a phone call. Should I follow him? Ask for his name and then maybe we will get to exchange phone numbers.

Suddenly, he stops in his tracks for a few seconds and then slumps. I can’t believe my eyes, I am numb with fear and shock. People already gather round him and a lady runs to him screaming. She seems to know him with the way she held him close. At this point I am more confused than sad. He was right here, he called me Madonna and I had imagined him in my future already. How does that happen and then he slumps a few minutes after. I can’t join the crowd around him… I can’t hold him. I don’t even know his name. How can he slump right after giving me a warm smile?

I see Tee walking past the crowd towards the glass doors looking confused. All the emotions I had been holding in were overwhelming me.

“Baby girl what’s going on outside and more importantly what is wrong with you”, Tee says as she sits by me.

I hug her tight and allow the tears to fall freely. Why do I feel this terrible sense of loss? How can I feel so connected to a stranger? He called me Madonna… these thoughts were going through my head and through my tears and crying all I could whisper to Tee was Mona Lisa has been stolen…



Do you think this was just simple flirting and there was no extra connection between Madonna and Mona Lisa?

Is flirting a bad thing?

Have you ever flirted with a stranger with no hopes of meeting him/her again?

Have you met a stranger and felt like you knew him/her before?

How realistic is this connection between Madonna and Mona Lisa?

What are your thoughts on the unpredictability of Life?

If you were to have a better ending to this what would it be?


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  1. Flirted with a total stranger with no hope of seeing again ✅.Never met a stranger and felt like I have known them before. Unpredictability is the spice of life.

    1. Since you have never met a stranger and felt like you have known them before then you probably don’t see the connection as realistic. Would you say it was easier flirting with the stranger because you knew you would not see them again? Spice of life…. I guess there are some bitter spices then, the one in the story is probably bitter.

      Thank you for your response Thisonehasnoname.

  2. Flirting is not a bad thing. I do it a couple of times. To be honest i actually love it. But then it can result in an unintentional misleading of the other party with which you are flirting and thats not so nice.

    Nice write up. Although it seems to me like theres gon be a continuation !!

    1. Oshey!!!! it must be fun for you to do it a couple of times and people must have been very responsive to you too (Girls should be wary of you lol). Okay so you flirt but never let it mislead? How do you do that? Please share note. Ah continuation, laziness might just make me leave it at that (Team askibk still sure you got the right person for this job?)

      Thank you for your response Wilson.

  3. I think it’s a simple flirt borne out of prevaling circumstances around Madonna. Although one could assume an extra connect, she’s bound to overcome what she felt over time.
    I’ve never flirted with a stranger but I’ve been around a couple of people who did
    Yes, I’ve met strangers that we connected like we’ve known each other for ages.
    I think the connection was one-sided and mostly bound to end in heartbreak for Madonna because what she felt was not mutually reciprocated by Mona Lisa
    Unpredictability is norm to life!
    I wouldn’t want a tragic ending for the write up
    Nice piece. Keep up the good work.

    1. I hope it is just a simple flirt too but maybe or maybe not but yes she should overcome it (she would be silly in my opinion if she didn’t). Wow you have NEVER flirted with a stranger!!!! Do people like you really exist? so much respect from me. So your connection doesn’t make you flirt (You must be a very disciplined person). One sided huh? true that I mean he could have just been passing time and trying not to be bored. I see you are not a lover of sad endings? I think I prefer sad endings… (*shhhh* don’t tell anyone, I just might get fired when they know I will most likely write sad stories, hehe).

      Thank you for your response Tollu.

  4. The only time flirting sucks is when the attraction isn’t mutual, just be looking at the other person like “??” Lol. Asides that, flirting is really nice

    And btw, I think Madonna will be alright and probably forget all about it before the next day.

    This is a really nice write up by the way, the perfect beginning for a sequel! Looking forward to next Thursday already. This column is 🔥🔥

    1. So “flirting is really nice” (don’t know why this is funny to me). HAHAHAHA the unresponsive person be looking like (so many memes playing in my head right now). What a way to make light of Madonna’s strong feelings for Mona Lisa. Sequel? We shall see. Glad you like it and are looking forward to next week.

      Thank you for your response Zainab.

  5. I think flirting is a perfectly healthy social behaviour, especially in the scenario given. One must be careful however that he/she is not giving off misleading signals especially when there isn’t more to it.

    1. So it is healthy till it starts to mislead. That means the other person too must know that its simply flirting and should also be equally flirting too. Errm did Mona Lisa mislead Madonna in anyway or Madonna was just a silly gullible person?

      Thank you for your response anonymous.

  6. Is there going to be a ‘Part 2’? No scratch that. We’re waiting for the 2nd part 😂 Really nice write up 👏🏽👏🏽

    1. There may or may not be a “Part 2″… no scratch that. Patience is a good virtue. Thank you for taking time to read it.

      Thank you for your response Silm.

  7. Your story actually led me to go and read up the connection between Madonna and Mona Lisa and this is what I got from Wikipedia ‘Mona in Italian is a polite form of address originating as “ma donna” – similar to “Ma’am”, “Madam”, or “my lady” in English. This became “madonna”, and its contraction “mona”. The title of the painting, though traditionally spelled “Mona” (as used by Vasari[10]), is also commonly spelled in modern Italian as Monna Lisa’ In my own opinion flirting is ungodly! Feeling attracted to the opposite sex right from teen age is natural but should be put under control. It is like when you are fasting and you get tempted with the aroma of food, what you will do is to discipline yours flesh and move on…..in the same manner a single person should try to put every lustful feelings under control because he/she is still ‘fasting’ do not flirt with a stranger or friend because you are not only misleading but also playing with the other persons emotion! This is not right

    1. hahaha I made you do research (I’m just here thanking God that your research supports my Mona=Madonna story). In this story I thought of Madonna to mean “my lady”. So he actually said “My lady with the beautiful hair”. Flirting is ungodly (very true) but so many people do ungodly stuff as long as they are able to draw a line that their morals are comfortable with. For example majority of the comment section say it is healthy, nice, fun etc to flirt as long as they are not misleading anybody. I would like to get more of your views. I also agree with you saying opposite sex attraction is natural but should be under control. Are you saying flirting in itself is already misleading?

      1. Flirting means body language or suggestive gestures to tell the other party that you are available for a sexual relationship, isn’t it? No matter the way it is colored, it is ungodly! No ones moral standard dictates Gods standard. May 5:28 makes it very clear that when you look at a woman lustfully you have already committed adultery! Flirting is different from courting so it is misleading! It may be fun…… but it does not make it right

        1. Thank you for sharing your perspective. I have noticed that people tend to work a way around things that should be clear cut just so it will suit them. What is wrong is wrong, black is black and white is white…. I understand these are your stand points but these days we tend to add another color… “the grey area” where there is no right or wrong cast in stone. You decide what is right based on your perspective. This I think is the problem as “grey areas” are getting larger and larger therefore making some things seem okay because it is a grey area. (I really hope I am making sense because I feel like I am just rambling right now). May God help us to see the clear cut and discern black from white (no grey areas).

          Thank you for your response Adebayo F.

          1. Thanks, I believe askibk is supposed to make clear every grey areas of life! I wish the crew more elbow grease….

    1. Flirts like us… who’s us? Lmao. I see you are embracing it proudly. Happy you liked it.

      Thank you for your response Toye.

  8. Flirting is a game, it’s humans having fun, it’s an accepted social protocol for people who could be attracted to each other to see if there is rapport and chemistry between them. It’s a pilot experiment. So I could never agree that flirting is a bad thing.

    The way I see it, we’re all in this thing called life, and we all share experiences on this little blue and green ball called Earth that is hurtling through the universe at speeds faster than we can imagine. It’s a pretty lonely universe out there, so if I’m feeling up for it, I will talk to a stranger who’s sharing this blue ball and this thing called life with me. We’re both humans and they don’t seem like they eat baby heads, so why not.

    Even if I’ll never see them again. You never know who you can learn something from.

    So if im willing to talk to strangers, does that mean I’m not willing to flirt with them? Heck no! If I sense a spark and I’m in the right place mentally, I will flirt the heck out with a stranger (if they’re open to being talked to of course. Life is too short to be talking to people who don’t want to talk to you).

    The connection between Madonna and Mona Lisa…..there is a spark, a connection, but it’s all potential at that moment. Potential that will now be remembered because of the events that transpired.

    And Jupiter…..life would be so damn boring if it wasn’t unpredictable.

    1. Epic definition of flirting, you make it sound like one of those definitions I had to learn in Economics. Hahaha I really really really ( I can be extra) like the way you described earth. Learning something new… Madonna learned something new about Mona Lisa actually and if they were not flirting, maybe she wouldn’t have known. Oh I see your angle, someone flirts with you= someone interested in talking to you, then you would reciprocate if in the right place because there’s nothing wrong with meeting new people who are interested rather waste time on people who are not interested or responsive…. hmm (Have I just been schooled?). The connection would most likely be memorable seeing the events that happened afterwards. Unpredictability of life is welcomed I see.

      Thank you for your response David.

  9. I think you can interact and relate with strangers or friends without making explicit sexual advances to or (flirting) with them. Friendship grows and could lead to deeper honest relationship. When you flirt especially as a girl you make yourself vulnerable …. and you may not be able to defend yourself if the inevitable is awakened!

    1. So girls make themselves vulnerable when they flirt? What if one flirts because they know they will never see the person again, therefore no judgments and no awakening the inevitable. Why is it “especially girls” and not both sexes?

      1. @T you cannot predict who you will or not see again. The person you adventurously flirted with may turn up in a place or situation that might be embarrassing….. where you may now be tagged a ‘person of easy virtue’ Also girls are more vulnerable in this situation because a girl’s response to a boys flirtatious advance may not lead to a violent abuse of the situation whereas a girl might not be able to handle the repercussion of a boys response to her flirtatious act!

        1. I agree besides from the fact that flirting could be misleading and not a true representation of what a person truly feels (mere words and gestures) doing it for the sole sake of not seeing the person is also misconstrued because by what standards do you measure ‘never see again’

        2. I agree I can’t predict who I will or will not see again. When you put it that way (Imagine I flirted with my boyfriend’s cousin and then found out later he’s my boyfriend’s cousin….not cool). I do not want to be tagged as a person of easy virtue. Okay okay maybe I get your point… a bit lol.

          1. hahaha everyone is free to have their opinions and views. T we appreciate your comments and willingness to learn from other people. I look forward to hearing more of your views. Please read other comments to see the views of people that share your school of thought.

  10. I beg to differ on perspective. If I noticed a fine beauty lost in thought while looking at me, it should be simple courtesy to make her smile. All the connection is in Madonna’s head.
    Flirting can be good; its just that something is always stolen at the end of it.
    Flirting with someone you’ll most likely not meet again is healthy, cuz it makes them feel wanted.
    There could be a real connection if he does die in the next write up
    The ending is a perfect hook for another writeup. TUzumaki please oblige.

    1. Lover of fine beauty, the one who helps put a smile on a fine beauty’s face (lol!). Thank you for being courteous to all ladies in distress (Knight in shinning Armour). “most likely not meet again” some have said here that on what basis do you judge that you won’t meet somebody again. There may or may not be a real connection true… You actually said “please oblige”. The word please is a magic word indeed. I will definitely look into a sequel and I must say that your wanting a hook for the story has inspired me ( I have blow #askibk see I have fans here). Thank you for posting and thank you for being an inspiration.

      Thank you for your response Egji.

      1. Courtesy to all ladies in distress doesn’t make me an ultimate flirt; just a down to earth guy that can see what she needs.
        See ya on the comment section of that next hook . (knight…….. Nice ring to it)

  11. I am glad you consider the story a nice one. Sadly life is so unpredictable, we can only hope and pray for the best.

    Thank you for your response C..

  12. Hi. the world would be boring without a proper straight out of the textbook type of flirt. And I think life’s unpredictability is why life itself is interesting. I’ve met people that hate it, they want it to be predictable and well yes i like to be the Mona Lisa in real life versions – in terms of connections.
    Better ending would be; stuff work for both of them and they get to have a chance.

  13. I’d like to go biblical here, Jacob saw rachel and first thing he did was make advances @ her dude later had to work with hard labour six wooping years, howbeit flirting in this write up tilted towards the feminine side well not sure that always the case biologically? Flirting good or bad all depends on the rulea we wana apply, ofcourse we meet folks in a snap and the chemistry just cliques like yesss! Madonna is blown away and enraptured already, Mona lisa just being suave for all the right reasons. The thing about life tho, we should all just be ready fr here after i think thats all that matters not the fame , money or certs. Top notch write up yh !

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