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Ever since my ‘side chick’ Ahunna called me to tell me she was pregnant three days ago, my life has been a roller coaster. Ahunna was just supposed to be a onetime thing, ‘a fling’, but I found myself going back again and again. Each time, feeling even more like a forbidden journey into Neverland – sexual escapades I called it, repeatedly promising myself it would be the last… it wasn’t.

This back and forth went on for the last six months till three days ago. That fateful day, my phone rang and a strange feeling enveloped me, it was as though my mind could tell this call was going to change my life and it did – “Babe, I’m pregnant!” Ahunna’s voice rang through the phone receiver and I froze. I didn’t have the right words… I couldn’t find the right words. All I could think about was How would Binyelum handle this if I told her? Binyelum, my perfect girlfriend of almost two years. Her strive for perfection has also been stressing me out and putting me under so much pressure lately.

Binye always had high expectations for me, wanting me to be her ‘picture perfect guy’. I still don’t know what that means. All I know is it has made me go into some bad investments because I wanted to make enough money fast, just to please her. We would go on expensive trips and dinners, living a life we know we really can’t afford. I spend so much money all for the sake of Binye’s sudden high taste. She made me live a lie and what keeps amazing me is that she knows my financial capabilities but she still kept on pushing and complaining when I couldn’t meet up to her standards. Why do I put up with all these in the first place? My rent is killing me because Binye says I should live in a high-class neighborhood. I owe the bank a lot of money for the loan I took to change my car because Binye said my old car is too old and belittling. Sigh. Binye, what mess have I allowed you to put me into now? I partly blame her for my predicament right now.

I met Ahunna at a party I attended with Teejay, my business partner. We were actually there to close a business deal that had lingered for 6 months and right now is my only hope to help me get back on my feet again. Oh God, if you will do this one for me, I promise I will be a changed man. Help me Lord. The deal has so much good prospects but I am still in doubt every now and then because I am deep in debt and I don’t know how I will survive if it doesn’t fall through.

Ahunna was easy to talk to; she never demanded for anything and she also met all my fantasies… and I mean ALL. Initially, it was an ideal means of relieving stress until I started feeling guilty for cheating on Binye when Ahunna started talking about being in a serious relationship with me. I tried to avoid her for a while but here I am driving Ahunna to the hospital to confirm this pregnancy story. “Just know that I won’t be aborting this pregnancy and we have to get married because I will not be a single mother. You have no excuse. You are comfortable and can afford to have a family.” Ahunna’s ramblings cut in through my thoughts. I feel the sharp chest pain that has become so familiar in the last few days. I should actually go to the hospital and stop postponing a checkup.  Ahunna is such a nag. I definitely can’t live with this crazy lady for the rest of my life… what am I thinking? Heck no, I do not even want her to be the mother of my kids!

“Ahunna calm down let’s take this step by step. We are on our way to the hospital to confirm first. No need to aggravate yourself or be impetuous about this dear…everything will be fine”, I said so she could shut up and allow me think clearly. Finally some quiet. I didn’t expect her to shut up immediately. Ahunna was such a recalcitrant; she hardly ever listened or acted accordingly. Again, how did I get myself into this mess? More so, why Ahunna? I need to get a drink and something to eat. “Do you want anything?” I asked as I drove into the parking lot of a coffee shop. “No, I’m fine. I don’t need anything. I will wait in the car.” Ahunna said. That’s odd, she’s too quiet. “Alright then, I’ll be back soon,” I said as I got out of the car.

As I stepped out of the car the heat wave from the sun hit me and the chest ache seemed to be getting worse. Good thing I am on my way to the hospital, I might as well do a checkup there too… Oh wow she has got a nice hair! I couldn’t help myself from staring at the lady sitting in the corner of the coffee shop. She looked so engrossed in her phone. Can you just look up? Why am I interested in her face? This is weird… 

She looks up and it looks like she’s staring at me or not… Wait, did she catch me staring?  Oh well, I might as well walk up to her after I place my order.  “Yes two croissant sandwiches and a smoothie, I’ll be waiting in that corner,” I said to the attendant who took my order. I notice the ache in my chest had subsided as I walked towards the ‘lady with the nice hair’.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry to disturb but I like your hair” I said to the slim, dark-skinned lady with beautiful full hair. Really? Are you about to flirt with another girl while Ahunna and her trouble is waiting in the car? “Oh thank you, I like your wristwatch” the lady said. I see she pays attention to details and she must have noticed me too. So she must have been staring as well. “Thank you. Sorry to intrude but what is so important that you were so engrossed in on your phone? I couldn’t help but notice. I liked your hair and I wanted to see your face but you kept it down till I got to the front of the line and then you started staring at me… Although I am not sure if you were staring at me or you were so lost in your thoughts you did not notice me till I got here.” I  smiled and at that moment, I felt better than I had felt in the last three days.

“Oh!”  she said and laughed. That’s weird. Why do I suddenly feel so comfortable with her? Why do I feel like I know her? Who are you my lady?

I was reading about Mona Lisa,” she said.

“Oh nice that’s interesting, you know Mona came from Madonna I said with a grin.” I had literally just called her my lady in my head. Is this some sort of a sign?

“I didn’t know that.” she replied.

I really want to talk some more with you Madonna. I feel like I want to share my thoughts with you, I want to make you smile and laugh, I want you to be my lady. This feeling isn’t ordinary but I have messed up a lot of things: Binye, Ahunna, bad investments… I would soon be bad news, then I would just drag Madonna down with me…

I have to let you go Madonna, maybe in another world, maybe I will be a better man, a man who deserves to have your light shine brightly in his life. I turn back to check my order, the dull ache comes back and reality begins to settle in “Err I guess my order is ready. It was nice talking to you… Madonna with the lovely hair.” I said and added a wink. Why do I feel this serious sense of loss just at the thought of walking away?  

Oh okay same here… and I mean it was nice talking to you too” Madonna said.

I pick my order and I notice how gloomy the weather has suddenly become. It’s just perfect for the way I feel right now. I was already missing Madonna. “Madonna? I didn’t even get her real name! I could go back to get her number… Ahunna!”  I remember my predicament as I walk through the glass doors. My phone starts to vibrate… it’s Teejay,

“Hey guy what’s up give me some good news…”

“I am sorry bro I’ve got some bad news…. We’ve been duped”.

I begin to feel lightheaded and dizzy, the chest ache had become excruciating. “We lost everything…” I can hear Teejay on the phone as I hit the floor looking up at the sky… This is the end I can feel it… People are already gathered around me… I think I hear Ahunna faintly in the distance. My senses are obscured and in all the pain, all I see is a painting that looked like the Mona Lisa, but instead, it was Madonna in the painting….Such beautiful smile you have there my lady. I feel a slight sensation in my eyes which felt like tears. Then I couldn’t hear anything anymore. all I knew as I faded away into blankness was Madonna was with me…

I try to talk… but all I could whisper as I stopped fighting the pain is “Madonna please stay with me….



  1. For my regular readers, do you still think this was just simple flirting and there was no extra connection between Madonna and Mona Lisa?  (Refer to the prequel to know who Mona Lisa is if you don’t know)
  2. Side chicks and baby mamas, what are your thoughts on this new rave?
  3. Does a partner (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife etc) really have that much influence as Binye had on Mona Lisa? (Like I said, refer to this story’s prequel so you can meet Mona Lisa)
  4. Would you consider Mona Lisa a good man that was just trying to please his girlfriend but unfortunately had some shortcomings along the way?
  5. How important do you take your health matter?
  6. Do people still use pregnancy to get someone to marry them?
  7. What do you think of Mona Lisa’s finances or “hustle”? (I give up. I think you should just read the Mona Lisa story to be able to answer our questions)
  8. These days people tend to put up a picture of success and exaggerate accomplishment what could be the reason for this?
  9. Do you think it is because Ahunna has a ‘financially secure’ perception of Mona Lisa that she allowed herself to get pregnant?
  10. What are your thoughts on this story generally?


P.S this story was released based on popular demand and because your comments matter to us. Please keep reading, posting comments and sharing with friends. Thank you for your support thus far.



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  1. Lol comparing the thought process of Madonna and Mona Lisa before they met…. Madonna is such a happy child.
    Madonna’s problems: Tee being late, new watch addition, wants awesome book collection, wants to look cool etc
    Mona Lisa’s Problems: baby mama drama, exacting girlfriend, lots and lots of debts, bad business, failing health etc
    Lmao this life is just a pot of beans. Lmao.

  2. well unfortunately, life deals a very bad hand sometimes. the dude is just in a mess. some by his own hands.
    exaggerated accomplishments, i’d say it’s just human nature. deep rooted.
    6&9 – well yes.
    10. I like the two sides of a coin thing.
    great work. good story.

    1. So in your opinion you think the tendency to exaggerate success is human nature?
      Thank you for your thoughts on the story and I’m glad you liked it.

      Thank you for your response Falux.

  3. Great story. I can totally relate to this. These things happen when people don’t know what they want or they get mixed up in self-induced complications.

    1. I agree, Knowing what you want is key and important for one to remain focused, Or else one might end up like Mona Lisa.
      Our objective is to bring you stories you can relate with, that you can relate with this is an accomplishment on our part.

      Thank you for your response Toye Johnson.

  4. Is it because we asked for more that u want to give us plenty homework? Don’t worry we will answer u.
    1. Simple flirting? It has pass simple oo. He met her pain left him, he left her calamity remembered him
    2. N/A
    3. Yes, your partner has that much influence, but if u know yourself enough to admit certain realities, u will stir the ship without wrecking.
    4. Just like him, good left the dictionary for many of us that just can’t get enough.
    5. Its true, not important enough. God knows, I might be the one on the floor one day
    6. ” ERheh! ” yes now. Its changing, but we’re not there yet . Depends on what Ahunna wants and how much bottom power is at work
    7. Epiphany to all them hustlers
    8. Letting our dreams run us.
    9. She shut up earlier. So she’s probably confused too. Or maybe the loving was too good.
    10. Touche. The jab that follows the hook.

    1. Lol! you asked for it though. I see you’ve given me the assignment of reading through all the answers you provided, Well done!
      1. I agree it isn’t simple flirting (Does my stand on this story actually matter, I wrote it anyway)
      2. N/A no thoughts on the new rave? okay ooo
      3. Yes indeed a partner has great influence, the influence on Mona Lisa could have been positive in that he was trying to be a better person. It probably started off being healthy but oh well it became unhealthy in the end and using your words “he couldn’t stir the ship without wrecking it”
      4. So good is not applicable with Mona Lisa?
      5. Errm your health should be very important, I don’t want you on the floor.
      6. I see!
      7. Lol! I hope so too
      8. If you could expatiate more on this I would really appreciate it
      9. So you think there’s a possibility for love in the whole setting
      10. Hehehe Glad you enjoyed it.
      You actually made me spend more time on this than I planned to but I have no choice. Your responses are important to us.

      Thank you for your response Egji

      1. When U’ve put your dreams in front of you to the point that you’re daydreaming your life, it can only go wrong. We all have dreams of a what we would love to do and be. But we want to achieve these dreams so we can share our accomplishment.
        If u share what you don’t have, your relationship can’t last. Mona Lisa’s attempt to leave above his means is an attempt to share what he doesn’t have.

        I hope that caps it

  5. Great story. However, I don’t think anybody in Monalisa’s situation will be toasting babe at that point in time.

    Got someone else pregnant and your girlfriend doesn’t know yet + the pregnant one sef no be wife material.

    Your head will be over processing and another babe would be the last thing on your mind.

    1. Lol! Yes I also agree, him trying to talk to another girl at that moment in his life sounds a bit unrealistic but errm we can also assume that there is something deeper happening there.
      Both parties couldn’t explain why they were drawn to each other. Maybe there is more to it that meets the eyes. Glad you liked the story and your criticisms are most welcome.

      Thank you for your response Trojan Jay

  6. Great story, smooth and easy to read.

    I think the concept of marriage because of pregnancy is outdated and unrealistic. Marriage is way more than sex and childbearing.

    1. Marriage is way more than sex and childbearing I agree but some people just get married for the sake of the child and to prevent the future difficulties of single parents but then this trend is gradually becoming outdated people really don’t care that much anymore. Hence baby mama rave. I appreciate the qualities you gave the story, glad you liked it.

      Thank you for your response ‘tunbi

  7. Nice! I love the way u made me see the previous story from a different perspective. Explore your imagination dear. The products are awesome.

    1. I guess it is not a sequel you expected, I am happy you loved it. I will take your advice seriously and hopefully the products of my imagination continue to be awesome.

      Thank you for your response Wilson

  8. Wow wow. Can’t believe I took this long to read this.
    First of, I love that this is a sequel and the way you linked the backstory of Mona Lisa’s with Madonna is just perfect.

    So Mona Lisa was in such a messs! Who’d have thought.

    Hmmmn. Now a partner can have a great influence on one’s life if you allow them.. Nothing wrong there but you should allow them knowing that their influence is a good /positive one or one that at least feels right to you…. not one that makes you live a lie and break your back just to keep up.

    About putting up pictures of success and exaggerating accomplishment, my ultimate mantra is to live life for yourself, not for your colleagues or some random virtual humans. There’s nothing wrong in giving one’s self a pat on the back of sharing success but just don’t do it for people that don’t matter, they will be the first to laugh when things come crashing. So share your not with people that matter and enjoy your life.

    On, pregnancy and marriage.. It depends on the relationship I think. The relationship between Ahunna and Mona Lisa is already doom so getting married out of pregnancy might just lead to a disaster.

    Lovely article once again, the quality of the writing and fluidity of the sentences gets better with each new one. Go girl!

  9. My dear being punctual and early is important… but better late than never.
    To be honest I am lowkey proud of the linking too.
    Yup such a big mess Mona Lisa was in.
    I agree, I have said earlier that the influence from a partner can be positive and healthy.
    Your mantra should be mine too because I agree with that too. Wise words Sensei!
    True I agree marrying because of pregnancy can have catastrophic results and that of Ahunna and Mona Lisa seems like a catastrophic one.
    Your kind words and positive reviews make me feel accomplished. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    Thank you for your response Zainab Ayodimeji.

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