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Dear IBK,
I’m in love with an Igbo guy and I’m Yoruba, but my dad does not like Igbo people. Please what can I do. Thanks

Dear Toyin

The bible says in Ecclesiastes 10v10 If the ax is blunt but one does not sharpen its edge, he must exert more effort, but the advantage of wisdom is it brings success.
The proper application of wisdom profits much success. Inter tribal marriage when both parties are believers should not be  a problem after all we are all United by the blood and our communion. However parental frears for sch unions are not unfounded. Many times parents are always concerned about tribal prejudices and stereotypes.
When you do find yourself in this position the necessity to apply wisdom is inevitable. First step is a show of understanding of your parents fears and watever reasons they may have put forward and begin to work at helping them reach a level of conviction of the sincerity and uniqueness of their own relationship.
Also the bible makes mention of the potency of prayer (Phil 4v6) and how God holds the heart of Kings in his hands and steers it in the direction that he wants (Prov 21v1 – PS: I recommend you do a study of Prov 21 to gain further clarity); so it is very important to engage prayers and seek the face of God on 2 things
1. Whether the significant other in Question is the will of God as sometimes God uses the people closest to us to communicate his will to us (Job 33v14) also see my previous post on how to hear from God concerning Marriage – https://askibk.com/?p=396
2. Also pray for God to communicate is will to your parents and steer their hearts in the direction of his will
and I can assure you that he who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above what we can ask or think of would (Eph 3v20) definitely step in on your behalf if you have done everything right. 
Prayers should be the Number 1 weapon, followed up with Patience to stay strong and avoid antagonistic thoughts and also withstand pressure. The Couple must recognize that God cannot move where the vessel is not consecrated remember Eph 3v20 says Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us and for God’s power to work in your relationship, you must maintain a Godly relationship and also take conscious steps towards overcoming tribal differences by identifying them and working out strategies to overcome them, through various channels and methods specifically talking to counselor and growing their understanding of each others culture and ethnicity.
I pray that God will give you the wisdom you require to overcome in Jesus Name.
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