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Many times over I have heard people ask this question ‘What is Life?’ you can trust the great people of Twitter to come up with various responses including ‘Life is a pot of beans’, ‘If life gives you lemons make lemonades’ and many other ones – Share the ones you have heard in the comment section.

However I thought to share on this topic because a lot of people are wading through the seas of life with no idea what Life in itself is….is it the breathe in our nostrils or the experiences we garner? Is life sleeping and waking up or Living and Dying? Really What is Life?

I also questioned this phenomenon for quite some time and struggled with finding a definite answer to this question until I read a book, which changed my philosophy of Life as a whole.

Rick Warren’s ‘Purpose Driven Life’. I finally got a perfect answer to the question.

The question of Life is in itself laced with the underlying desire of discovering purpose; you ask me how? You cannot define Life as a generalist point of view because we all are born separately and die separately, also every person has different paths to follow so a better approach is to define Life from the individualist point of view and the only way to do this is to establish why people are born or put on this earth, and before you say anything else, Yes we will be keeping this very God Centered.

Yes! You guessed it, I would be needing more than just one post to do this so I have divided this into a 3 Part series, you will definitely Love every part.

Without further ado, What is the Purpose of Man on earth? I won’t dwell too much on this as Isaiah 43v7 clearly points out that Man was created for the Glory of God. So basically whatever it is we are doing on this earth must give Glory to God. In the course of this series you will understand this a bit more.

Since we have established the Purpose of Man on Earth the question ‘What is Life’ is still yet to be answered. For the purpose of this write up we will be approaching this question from three point of views. The First – Life is a Test

God withdrew from Hezekiah in order to test him and to see what was really in his heart. 2 Chronicles 32:31

Every step of the way from BIrth to Death, every twist and turns God uses this to test our hearts, we are expected to totally trust in God and believe that He alone can help us out of difficult situations and also help us through good times that is what it means to Glorify God. In light of this God then puts us through certain tests to evaluate our reactions when it seems like he’s not there. All of these is towards developing dour character, faith, obedience, love, integrity, and loyalty to him. Recall God tested several people in the bible some passed with flying Colors while some didn’t Abraham was tested when God asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac, Jacob was tested when he had to work extra years for Rachel, Job was tested when he lost everything and was struck with an unexplained illness. We recall that all these people were recorded to have handled their tests well, some people who got tested and failed Adam and Eve, David on different occasions, also failed God’s test – the twist is in spite of your performance on such tests God’s mercy still prevails as far as you realize your misdeed and you return to him for forgiveness.

God builds us up for where he’s taking us (Destiny) through all these tests, and he’s watching everything no matter how little or insignificant that we do to see if we are ready for the next level. We can’t always predict when we are being tested however you can find some similarities in the bible to let us know we are being tested. We can be tested by major changes, by delayed promises, by impossible problems, by unanswered prayers, undeserved criticism, and even senseless tragedies. Personally I have experienced God’s testing of my Faith by presenting me with problems that seem too big or my hope by closing all doors or my love through people.

One very important way that God tests us is by watching our reaction when it seems like he’s not there. God sometimes withdraws his presence for us to see a major weakness and improve on it. I once heard in a movie I watched that during an exam the teacher is quiet and only speaks when the exams are done by evaluating our performance and providing the correct answers to our wrong ones, this can also be said of God. Nothing that happens to us or that we do in this life is insignificant, Everything has a part to play in God’s greater plan. The fruit of the spirit ‘Patience’ is not just an ability to wait but what do we do, or say during this period of wait – that determines our Patience.

The beautiful things is God will never want us to fail so he will only test us according to the grace he has given us. (1Corinthians 10v13)

I urge you to be more sensitive to the tests that God may be sending your way this week and moving forward.

Let’s say this prayer together

Dear Father, I pray that you bring me to a place of understanding of your will and demands from me, that I may know you and the wonders of your works, help me to be my best on every test that you may send my way , in Jesus Name. Amen


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