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True Story

A friend of mine and her now husband had just started dating a couple of years back, he invited her for a vigil at one of these Lagos cool churches, you know the ones that are famous for amazing contemporary worship and cool snacks for first timers. My friend, her brother and myself who had nothing better to do decided to crash this ‘vigil date’ that we had not really prepared for i.e. sleep during the day to ensure you are not casting the spirit of sleep all through the night, eat well so you are not hungry, get your prayer points ready so you don’t loose steam praying etc.

We got to the vigil that happened to be at one of the fancy hotels on Lagos Island; we enjoyed the vigil for the early part of it then sleep came upon us! The struggle was real y’all! After the three of us attachés kept failing at trying to stay awake we decided to just take a walk around this fine hotel and feed our eyes good sights since we couldn’t give it sleep. Well our waka took us to the bar and we thought “hey lets buy a coke”, so we sat down and ordered the 35cl regular glass bottle, this arrived and out of curiosity we asked for the cost, what the waiter called out shook the foundations of everything we knew! One bottle of coke cost 2 cartons in this place! To save our face we settled on sharing one bottle among 3 of us so as not to have stressed the waiter and also because some price tags can leave you very thirsty.

Anyway my story isn’t the focus of this piece but It helps the lesson, how many times do we set out in life, take decisions without finding out what those decisions imply?

How many times do we make decisions that later cost us much more than we bargained?

Too many times we are blinded by the thrill of the now, we are focused on the pleasure and we do not count the cost. The bible talks about the foolishness of one who sets out to build a house but does not sit down to count the cost first; do you count your costs?

Too many bad decisions are made when we do not sit to think or seek information about the full implication of our choices. Personally I have made one too many costly decisions that I did not sit to really think about what this choice means to me.

Life is relentless in teaching us over and over again the lessons we fail to learn.

After paying high costs for rushed decisions I have implemented a check system that answers this question ‘what is the cost?’ to every choice I make; this system involves the following steps:

  1. Think hard! About it
  2. Pray about it
  3. Talk to my trusted wise friends about it
  4. Consult someone older with more experience about it
  5. Make a decision in time so I am not rushed and pressured into a choice

This is my system for weighing the cost. Have any tips? Please share.


Columnist Bio
Hi my name is Ellen Ukpi and I am living my best life now! Or so I think…oh well 
I can’t tell but what I can tell is that I am giving it my best and learning from 
my mistakes as I go on. I am a communications enthusiast and social media geek,I am 
passionate about curating culture and started a platform called @africanculturediary 
that is set to ensure that the past and present of our cultures are made relevant to the 
future. I am another ‘youngin’ who has discovered adulting is a scam and I am just trying to get out alive. 
Join me as we work our way out of this scam called adulthood.


5 thoughts on “[THE JOURNEY] WHAT’S THE COST?

  1. First bro, I gotta tell you, I admire your work on here, may God continue to give you the Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding to keep helping people as you have helped me (and you keep helping) in your own unique way, God bless you. Secondly, I have a question. Now if you have made a decision without “weighing the cost” and you’ve realised you made a mistake, how do you best set things right. #Floreat

    1. Hello Omotola, glad you enjoyed the read 😊. When you realise you might have made a wrong decision is a great place to make a right one following same steps, think hard on your options now, pray about them, talk to people about your mistakes and make a move to stop going in the wrong direction. If you ever enter a bus you think is going to a particular place and halfway realize it isnt going where you thought wont you alight and find your way back? Hope this helped

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