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“Will you shut up your dirty mouth you dirty prostitute, do not talk back at me, where do you think you are?? Na Station be this oooo! Better find who you go call make dem come bail you comot for here” shouted officer Emeka, a whiff of bad breath as spice to his bad english and bad grooming. How did I get myself into this situation? Bimbo asked herself as she cried. She had never felt so helpless. The only phone numbers she knew off hand were that of her parents and right now they were not an option, i’m better off rotting in this cell, news of her arrest would be break their heart, there has to be another way! If only she had learnt Kunle’s phone number as a dutiful girlfriend she wouldn’t be in this fix right now. How did the day turn out this way? Bimbo looked at Chioma who seemed very composed and unbothered about Officer Emeka’s threats and ill-treatment. Twelve hours ago she would never have guessed that she would be in a police station by the evening. Bimbo began to analyze everything that happened in the past 12hrs.

Time 3:00pm: Chioma, Bimbo’s roommate tried to convince Bimbo to attend a birthday party with her. “You should relax from time to time, let loose… you are always so studious and serious. It won’t hurt if you take a day break and have some fun with me. I would really love for you to come with me Bimbo, please, pweease, pwease, come with me” Chioma made a cute face and pleaded with Bimbo. “Okay okay fine, I will come with you tonight but I should tell Kunle about it first because I planned to see him this evening but If I will be going to the party with you, I doubt I will be able to see Kunle.  Chioma rolled her eyes and said “do you have to tell your boyfriend everything? You guys are too serious please live a little”. “I made plans with him before it’s only fair to let him know early that I will not be able to see him this evening” Bimbo replied with a chuckle.

Time 4:00pm: Hello Kunle, how are you? Errrm I doubt I will be seeing you this evening. Chioma begged me to come along for a birthday party and I could not say no to her Bimbo said on a phone call to Kunle. Okay whose birthday party is it and what time is it for? As long as it is not a late night thing no problem said Kunle.  Bimbo interjected “Errm the party is meant to start around 8pm”.  “Babe 8pm is kinda late what time will you leave the party then, if the party starts 8pm….”, Kunle Replied,  Bimbo got a bit irritated , “I hardly ever go out or do stuff like this so just cut me some slack I will be with Chioma so its fine and safe, I have to sort out what I will be wearing this evening I will talk to you later” Bimbo retorted. “I am not in total support of this, take care and be good” Kunle said as he hung up.

Time 7:00pm: “Hello Mummy I’m fine. I will not be coming home this weekend I have tutorial classes to take in school this weekend” Bimbo said to her mum on the phone. Alright dear, have you had dinner? Sleep early today you know you slept late last night her mum replied. “Alright mum I plan to go to bed now I will talk to you in the morning, Goodnight!”

Time 7:30pm: Hell no! You are definitely not wearing that along with me exclaimed Chioma, are you going to church or something? Please remove it I will give you something to wear, Chioma handed Bimbo a short dress. Bimbo inspected the dress “hmmm… okay… isn’t this too short and revealing? My boobs are bigger than yours you know”. “Bimbo just leave the dressing decision to me and follow my instructions trust me this is what is appropriate for where we are going to”, Chioma chided as she applied her lipstick. “Okay ooo yes ma” Bimbo replied and with that she wore the dress.

Time 11:30pm: “The party was so interesting I had so much fun meeting new people that were interested in everything I had to say”, said Bimbo with so much excitement when they got into the taxi. “Oh yes if only you were not so conscious about the time, the party was just beginning when we left but I am glad you enjoyed it”, Chioma said as she went through her phone. The taxi driver who had been quiet from the beginning of the trip parked the car and turned around pointing a gun at Bimbo and Chioma, “Give me your bags and phones and get out of my car” he said with a stern voice.  Bimbo and Chioma handed their belongings to the driver and got out of the car in shock and the driver zoomed off. “Oh my God Bimbo we have been robbed. How do we get back to school with no money? We can’t even reach anybody, both our phones have been taken” Chioma stated the obvious. Bimbo is too scared to say a word and after a while all she could manage to mumble was “I shouldn’t have come out with you tonight”.

Time 11:45pm: Bimbo and Chioma were walking to the closest bus-stop when a police van stopped by them. Hey where are you girls going? Said the officer who had an awfully bad breath. “Oh thank God officer we were just robbed by a taxi driver our phones and bags were taken thank God for sending you by us” said Bimbo. She was beginning to feel a glimmer of hope and began to get a bit relaxed because of the company of the policemen. She did not expect the policeman called Officer Emeka to suddenly become aggressive. “Liars! Look at the way you are dressed, you are prostitutes. We have been having problems dealing with you people on this street. We do not need you ashawos around here officer K, come and lock them in the van” Officer Emeka said angrily. Bimbo spoke out “No sir, please we are students from the university we only went out for a party, we are on our way back to school”. Where are your I.Ds then? Said Officer K. “We told you we were robbed, the taxi just drove off, if anything you should be helping us track the taxi instead of harassing us” Chioma said rudely. “I see, it’s this your mouth that will koba you (Put you in trouble) Officer K put handcuff on them before they run!” officer Emeka Directed.

Time 2:00am (Present): Bimbo had been crying for two hours now, Officer Emeka was threatening to lock them in a cell if they can’t provide a number. Bimbo had no choice she had to give him her parents’ numbers. Her mum whom she already lied to that she was going to sleep, how is she going to explain the situation to her. Her mum would never trust her again. If she knew Kunle’s number by heart he would have been a better choice even though she knew she would get an “I warned you” remark. Chioma had just been rude and making matters worse for them yet she does not know any phone number by heart. Bimbo promised herself to never allow herself be in such a situation ever again. “Officer Emeka, I have a phone number to call” Bimbo said. The officer aggressively pushed the phone into Bimbo’s hands and said “You have just one minute”. Bimbo dialed her mother’s phone number with her fingers shaking, she has always been a good girl, just this one time she let loose and this happens she thought. She hears her mum’s sleepy voice and said with a teary voice “Hello mummy…..


The Nigerian police are they really our friends?

Have you ever been in a situation like the one Bimbo is in?

What were the wrong steps Bimbo took or better still what wouldn’t you have done in her shoes?

Does this story even slightly depict the actions of an average policeman in Nigeria?

Do you think if they were properly dressed the story would have been different?

Is there anything wrong with Bimbo letting loose afterall it was just a one time thing?

Did Kunle overreact?


Please leave your answers, comments and thoughts in the comments section below.



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