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Hi everyone, did anyone miss me? Well, I just came out of a strike, and the purpose of my strike was to create an awareness for the “strikes that are striking” our nation at this time. ASUU has been on strike for a month now (since August 14, 2017), National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) also came through like bangdangdang since 4th September 2017 but called of the strike yesterday (14th September, 2017) after ten (10) days of inactivity, and labour threatened to commence indefinite strike from today. Reminds me of a line in my secondary school song “present past & future form one mighty whole” just know yawa dey when that song aligns with the strike situation in our country Nigeria.

Face-off between military and IPOB members

Water definitely passed garri as IPOB members and Nigerian military personnel had a brutal clash on Sunday 10 Sept, 2017, resulting in some lives being lost. This came closely after Kanu Ndubuisi (IPOB Leader) claimed Nigerian military were trying to assassinate him. The story behind why the attack happened is still sketchy, the military claiming it was just carrying a routinely drill on that road and they were stoned. Hehehe, I don’t know the road but report reaching me is that the road is extremely narrow and more like a village. Just wondering why such important drill” could not be done in a place less provocations or tension filled. Well sha, Kanu cancelled his planned meeting with South East Governors that was scheduled to hold today because he still believes there is a plot to assassinate him en route the meeting and also for the reason of him attending to burial for IPOB members that lost their lives. This sure looks like Nollywood in real action. Watch out on this space for more updates as they unfold.


APC chieftain in Bayelsa state joined the bandwagon of other State’s APC chieftains in casting their vote of confidence in the ability of President Buhari’s to win Presidency once more come 2019. Really? Now I am not asking that you disclose whether or not you voted or supported PMB in 2015 but do you think it would be the smartest thing to do presenting PMB as presidential candidate come 2019? Following controversy on his health and the secrecy in which it was handled (we still don’t know the health status of our president till date) and the obvious reason that the solution to good governance at this time would most likely be addressed by a much younger and energetic person with a more robust outlook to Nigeria and not one viewing the nation with the same lens used on the 60s. I think Nah Baba would not be out of place this time, what do you think?

Hurricane Irma and a series of world natural disasters

Unlike Trump, some of us believe global warming is not a hoax. The series of natural disasters happening these days suggest affirmatively that our world might just be in some real trouble if some solution is not found as things are predicted to get worse year in year out. These disasters almost seem like Hollywood movie scenes, almost too tragic to the eyes and too unreal to be true but unfortunately they are real. Irma stretched 650 miles and passed through at least nine states, knocking down trees and even homes along its path. Harvey just passed a couple of days ago before Irma came in, there was flooding in Italy, flooding in Benue Nigeria, mudslide in Sierra Leone (1000+ died), landslide in Bondo, Switzerland, typhoon Hato in Macau, Hong Kong, China, flooding in India and so on. Nature is warning us and we need to take heed.

UCL is here

Trust me when I say the first step was a BANG!!! There were lots of interesting fixtures and lot of interesting results too. A few surprises but for most matches, the favorites to win, won for most of the games but there were some upsets. Tables of result below:


Man U (3) VS (0) FC Basel

CSKA Moscow (2) VS (1) Benfica

Celtic (0) VS (5) PSG

Bayern (3) VS (0) Anderlecht

Chelsea (6) VS (0) Qarabag FK

Roma (0) VS (0) Atletico Madrid

Barcelona (3) VS (0) Juventus

Sporting (3) VS (2) Olympiacos

Liverpool (2) VS (2) Sevilla

Maribor (1) VS (1) Spartak Moskva

Man City (4) VS (0) Feyenoord

Shakhtar Donersk (2) VS (1) Napoli

Besiktas (3) VS (1) Porto

RB Leipzig (1) VS (1) Monaco

Real Madrid (3) VS (0) Apoel Nicosia

Tottenham (3) VS (1) B.Dortmund


Do have a great weekend, catch you next week.


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