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If you have been in Nigeria for a while you, would know the most trending topic is the activities of IPOB and news around them. Let me start by saying the full meaning of IPOB, it is the Indigenous People of Biafra; it claims to consist of the five major Igbo speaking states (find out the names of the states yourselves), boasts of being able to attract the Niger Delta States and also lure Edo (Benin) to be a part of its cause (based on logistics, Isohen is a claimed member of IPOB). It is actually hard to verify the claim as to member states as no state has publicly openly declared membership but just some certain individuals who are leading the cause.


IPOB is not a new cause; rather it is the revival of an old cause. A cause that resulted in a bloody civil war and led to millions of deaths including women and children. The 1967-1970 civil war was as a result of this cause, then leader was Lieutenant-Colenel Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu (then Military Governor of Eastern Nigeria). The secession attempt failed and in 1970, IPOB formally rejoined Nigeria as a Nation.

Present Day Reality

The leader of the current IPOB is Ndubuisi Kanu, a dual citizen of both Nigeria and Britain and director of a London based radio station: Radio Biafra. He claims to be a Jew and has openly dressed as a Jew and proclaimed to believe in Judaism. His group IPOB has been declared by the Federal High Court as a terrorist organization following an order that was filed by the Attorney-General of the federation; Abubakar Malami. At present, publicly the whereabouts of Nnamdi Kanu is unknown and there have been a series of clashes between IPOB sect and the Nigerian Army where lives have been lost from both parties as claimed by both sides.

The major implication of IPOB being declared a terrorist group is that it is a criminal offense highly punishable by law for any organization, country of individual to sponsor their activities whereas such sponsorship could have been possible and legal if it were not termed a terrorist group.

Is IPOB the Future?

I do not think so. Quite instructive was that the civil war started as a result of a conference meeting and also ended as a result of a conference meeting. Imagine the outcome of the second meeting had been the outcome of the first, perhaps we would have saved ourselves as a nation from the bitterness and pains of the Civil war, perhaps the war would never have happened. There are so many other options of resolving the marginalization agitations of IPOB and war, violence or declaring a sovereign Nation while a part of Nigeria is not even on the list. Dialogue should be employed and issues should be addressed in a civic manner.

In Other News

Joint Health Sector Union declared a nationwide indefinite strike on Wednesday 20th Sept 2017 and the strike became effective the day after. This was because the ultimatum (30days) given to Federal Government yielded no positive result.

ASUU suspends strike action conditionally; the condition being that their demands are met on or before end of October, I sincerely hope we don’t return to square one come November.

President Buhari speaks as the President of Africa at the UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) whilst VP Yemi Osibajo presides over Federal Executive Council meeting in Abuja.

King’s College Lagos marks 108years founders day celebration.

Trump called Kim a “rocket man” on a suicide mission and Kim described Trump as “memtally deranged”. In a season of nuclear bombs, at a time of social media, the destiny of the world lies on the shoulder or rather the fingers to punch in codes of two grown babies, their names; fill it in.

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