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“Awww! What’s wrong with you? How can you even suggest that I get naked?” This was the one question I asked when I first heard him whisper it to me.

This happened during one of my hangout sessions with myself. I did not make sense of it immediately but with time it dawned on me why I had to get naked. Getting naked presupposes that one is exposed, vulnerable and transparent in a sense. When life drops the ball, it turns into a curve that we most often than not, do not want to deal with. I did not want to deal with mine for a while; I refused to deal. All I saw was the lemon that I was served – who cares about making lemonade? Definitely not me.

I have learned that life will always give you a reason to cry, to hide in the dark and from your true self and to resent yourself but another thing I have come to understand over time is that we have a choice to not get drowned in all of these.

I’m not one to break down and cry, to share my challenges with friends or family – I prefer to adorn my stoic mode and stay put in pain. But this changed for me – my endurance cup that bore my stoic mode was full. I broke down. I told my friend I couldn’t bear it anymore – I became vulnerable at that point. In my vulnerability, I was led to a place of faith, of love and hope. In the journey of life, trust me; there is a promise of a bright and better tomorrow than your today. Your vulnerability helps build your support system. There are people positioned to speak faith, love, and hope to you. There’s always that friend that is closer than a brother.

But, who do you become vulnerable with/to? Do you think you can do it all on your own? Can your friends be vulnerable with/to you? Can you be their support system? If No, what is your excuse? Please do share.

I pray for Faith to stay unshakable in the place of promise… I Love You Naked!


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KLEB_1905 is an old-young human species; always particular about sharing 
the wild imaginative characters in his head. He has seen God! He is a transactional 
lawyer, part time speaker, writer and a thespian. He’s an arts-lover, nature-lover, 
and a ‘love’ addict. He thinks he likes making friends but people say he is a glorified 
introvert – he knows this is not true, in doubt?? Ask IBK!

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