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I would never stop screaming that growing up is a scam! I always wanted to grow up have a job and earn money but the reality of that adult life now is that:

  1.    Getting a job is a hustle
  2.    Keeping that job is a miracle
  3.    Enjoying that job!!! That one is world wonder status
  4.    The more you earn the less you have (This is a real joke actually)

But generally this ‘adulting’ life has been hard on a sister.

So a quick background into my story, I have worked and moved around jobs quite a lot, I don’t know how I do it but I know it has always been important to me to have peace about where I work, the moment I start losing that peace I work my way out and for some reason people always want to hire me (Lord touch the heart of the armed robber salary paying company to employ your girl) so back to my story, getting a job has not always been such a hard task for me, but I started questioning whether all my past employers were mad or  I was the mad one, after carefully analyzing my work experience I found out  some truth about myself, my weaknesses and strengths, likes and dislikes and most importantly the kind of tasks and environment that make me thrive. I advise if you are a young person who is working and trying to find where you will make a dent in this life then always take out time to sit with yourself and analyze your experience so far.

Well I recently took a job (by recent I mean 5 months plus ago) and it had been a smooth sail till recently, I had a new Boss and it all seemed like it was going well till we got on this major project and all stakeholders went loose and the entire place was in a frantic state and I found myself always being thrown under the bus for things that were not working or had gone wrong and in my head I had a reason for why each of these things went wrong and none was my fault! I was so angry one of the days I cried out of frustration and just wanted to pack my bags and go home, but just in that moment which is the moment I took to write this and share with you, I realized that there were lessons I could learn from this, that they were better ways I should have managed the work I was given and the people I had to work with to deliver the results that I needed, I took ownership of my work and the things that I should have been a lot more proactive on and I learnt my lessons.

The lesson here is that learn to take the lessons from every situation even the ones that are totally not your fault, if you look closely at the situation you would find ways you could have avoided the bad turns before you, regardless if it is your fault or not, and if you even look closer you might find solutions to the issues you have right now.

Life is going to teach you a whole lot of painful lessons, you have to learn how to take the lessons and leave the pain!



Columnist Bio
Hi my name is Ellen Ukpi and I am living my best life now! Or so I think…oh well 
I can’t tell but what I can tell is that I am giving it my best and learning from 
my mistakes as I go on. I am a communications enthusiast and social media geek,I am 
passionate about curating culture and started a platform called @africanculturediary 
that is set to ensure that the past and present of our cultures are made relevant to the 
future. I am another ‘youngin’ who has discovered adulting is a scam and I am just trying to get out alive. 
Join me as we work our way out of this scam called adulthood.


  1. Adulting is hard! Taking responsibility for stuff (when you have the perfect defense) is even harder. But that’s what adulting is about: taking the good with the bad and learning as you go and developing to even greater levels. Great post!

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