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Fifteen hours of the screaming, riveting pain, the pushing, pulling and squeezing Tiffany felt was agonizing, indeed it was. She had heard stories, read a lot of online articles, but none prepared her for the actual experience, thankfully it was over. She laid in bed completely exhausted. It was as though a heavy load has just been lifted off her after a journey of a thousand miles through the wilderness. Though completely exhausted, she was mostly relieved.

She had held the wet baby for a split second before he was taken away to be cleaned up. “It’s a boy” the doctor had said, somehow she didn’t relate to the magnitude of that sentence. Gradually it hit her, now she was all sewn up and all the tubes were out of the way. She was ready to officially meet the baby… her son, she thought and a wave of emotions overwhelmed her.

“Are you okay Tiff?” Victor her husband of 11 years asked her. Tiffany looked up at her husband, her husband who had stood by her through the years. Her husband who comforted her when she gave up and wanted to give in to despair…. Fifteen hours and her husband is now a father. She nodded in affirmation because she couldn’t find her voice “You did well my love, I don’t know what I did in my past life… because I know I don’t deserve you” Victor said as tears welled up in in his eyes. Tiffany squeezed his hands and gave him a smile, she still couldn’t bring herself to say a word.

The doctor came in with the baby bundled in a blanket. He handed the baby to Victor who could not hold back his tears anymore, amidst tears he said “we have waited so long for you my boy” and kissed the baby on his forehead.

Tiffany thought the fifteen hours of labor all boiled down to this moment. Fifteen hours of labor? It was definitely more than that she recounted in her mind as Victor walked slowly towards her bed-side with the baby. It wasn’t just fifteen hours, it was 11 years of waiting and getting insulted by people. They had called her a witch, a prostitute who had destroyed her womb, they even called her a man! It wasn’t just 15 hours, it was 9 miscarriages. She had been told her body wouldn’t be able to handle another miscarriage but she got pregnant and the 10th miscarriage never came.

It wasn’t just fifteen hours, it was eight and half months of anxiousness, fear of miscarriage, fear of still birth but she had carried her bump proudly for finally at least the world would know she had a womb and she wasn’t a man. Fifteen hours of labour it was a painful ordeal all her insides had felt like it was being ruptured. She had thought her menstrual cramps were the worst but what she felt during the labour was unimaginable but with all that suffering and pain, Tiffany thought she would go through it again if she had to, just for this moment.

Victor placed her baby….her son in her hands, here was proof that holding on to God was not a waste, She was holding her son, she smiled as she looked into her son’s eyes… she felt renewed, she felt joy, she was fulfilled. This was a new chapter in her life she was going to cherish this gift God has given her. She would nurture him, she would be the best. She looked up at her husband who was still crying and for the first time since she became a mother she said with a cute mischievous smile “Daadaa why are you crying like a baby” she broke down into tears after that and said “Victor we are actually parents now”. Victor hugged his wife and that moment they knew that this was the beginning of many firsts for them as parents.

  1. Do you think infertility has become rampant?
  2. What is your opinion on adoption
  3. What is your opinion on our culture’s reaction to infertility?
  4. Why is it the woman that suffers more in a childless marriage?
  5. Have you ever imagined yourself as a parent?
  6. Victor was a faithful husband, he waited 11 years, how rare or how common is this among men?

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